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No Membership Fee, Just Fly the Flag.
Becoming a member of ‘The VC team is simple, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned bike snob. All you have to do to join the club is fly theVeloCake flag. It’s that easy, there’s no membership fee. Just be bold & proudly don the VC kit when you ride and you're in! You'll be more than welcome even if you’re a paid up member of another club, the more the merrier!!!

What Are We About?
VeloCake is about enjoying cycling with like-minded people, that’s it. There’s no committee AGM’s, no club politics that have been going on for decades, it’s simply a relaxed way to meet and ride with like-minded people and enjoy our sport.

Fancy being a little more competitive? Whether you’re interested in mtb 'cross, road or track, VeloCake is registered to British Cycling. Use our  Twitter or Facebook Page to let everyone know where you intend to race and meet up with other VeloCake riders.

Jersey orders happen a couple of times a year, contact

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