Monday, 14 November 2016

Can it really be November?

At the risk of poking the fallow blog, I raced again this weekend!

After missing out on a Three Peaks place this year I'd kind of put the bike on the back burner for the last few months. Keeping up the semblance of fitness was one thing but entering a race plainly daft. So it was at 11am on the morning of the race I was busily putting together a working bike for a 1pm start. Signed on with 20 mins to spare there was at least no time to waste on pre-match nerves.

Regulars on the NWCCA league had been complaining about the dry courses so far. Complaints no longer. I'd ridden here before in a bit of mud, but this time it was soggy as anything, with scarcely a dry stretch on the entire course loop.

Corners, mud, corners, roots, more mud, running turns to trudging. Only lapped once by the fast boys. Result. Grim and great in equal measure!

Meanwhile DS Mikey is having a great run in his new league – come on Mike, don't be shy – and it's up to the next generation of the Bateman and Levell family to represent the jersey with pride, doing great stuff in junior races in North Yorks/the NE. What have you been up to folks?


simondbarnes said...

Great stuff Steve! I'm going to plod around at the back at Otterspool on Saturday :)

Steve said...

Excellent, I may be busy elsewhere I'm afraid!