Thursday, 1 October 2015

Three Peaks again....

I must be off my rocker eight times now I have dragged my cake laden body round the hill's of Yorkshire. Obsessive you might say ? Possibly but I certainly love the race. Needless to say I'll be back next year spending far to much time thinking about landcrusers, gearing and getting under 4 hours 
       Never will the weather be as perfect as was on the day. A real contrast to 2012 when I smashed the top tube on the bike, punctured twice, waded through waist deep water and was nearly blown from the top of each peak, that was proper rain too.
        It was a trouble free run round the route, yes I plodded up all 3 climbs and people marched past me. Had a nice chat with Shaggy then actually proper raced down the down bits and made all the time back again. Did a over the bars on boggy bit but that happens each year anyway. All done and dusted at 4h7min a PB so I was home in time for cake and tea. Found this rather good photo on the web page to buy. Happy days all round.


Mullerton said...

So anyhoo, what tyres did you go with?
It may be starting to be a distant memory now, but well done to both you and Steve Riley

Lisa said...

Yeah, I've heard the weather at the 3 Peaks this year was great! And so too probably was the cake and tea you had after the event. :)