Sunday, 16 August 2015

VeloCake 2015/16 Season kit.


The time has arrived, after 2 years in the wilderness we are relaunching the VeloCake performance athletic apparel programme.

In layman's terms, that's new jerseys and shorts.

Yes you read that right, VeloCake jerseys are BACK!

These two aren't professional models, it's Tom and Jon.

The Details.

  1. Choose your clothing at custom clothing section.
  2. Submit your order to 
  3. Pay us money
  4. sit back and wait.
  5. receive jersey, wear jersey, look amazing.
Be a winner! it's what you deserve.

it really is as easy as that.

small print: be aware the prices on Endura site DO NOT include VAT.

VeloCake performance cycle clothing is bought to you in association with:


simondbarnes said...

Standard colours or fancy ones?

Mullerton said...

Standard Simon, as modelled in the photos.
The next exclusive one off is being worked on.

Steve said...

Lovely. Me pants are nearly worn out. Very timely - thanks boss :)

simondbarnes said...

Hurry up then ;-)

Mullerton said...

Don't thank me, thank Tom. It's all his work.

grant said...

Have we broken the Endura site? :-)

Mullerton said...

Probably, are we that big now?

grant said...

Its possible. :-)

Bec Levell said...

This is rather exciting.

Tom Levell said...

Can the slackers confirm their requirements please.

Rocketdog said...

I'll wait for the exclusive one off 👍

Rocketdog said...
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Rocketdog said...
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