Friday, 6 June 2014


Velocake (Scotland) were out racing at the Glentress 7 in Peebles.  Part of the Tweedlove festival, its a 7 hour endurance race around a lap of Glentress.  However, its not really *that* Glentress, but a mix of some man-made and some more natural trails and with an imperial shedload of climbing per lap.

Last year saw me do 7 laps in about 7:15 and finishing mid table in Vet Male and a bit higher in the overall results.  Vet male is one of, if not the most competitive of the categories IMO, which explains some of that. So, this year, the plan was to basically do better.

The worst planned and executed journey ever saw us turn up seconds before registration closed and the race began as I was standing in a queue for the loo.  There was nothing for it - I just had to hammer the f*ck up the first climb and catch everyone, so I did.

After overtaking loads of people, I ended up stuck in a queue for the first descent.  Not good.  After 8 minutes of waiting, thankfully at the cake stand, I got going again and picked off more riders.

The first 3 laps went well, my back hurt a tad but some out of the saddle efforts made it go away.  I slowed a little after that in order to keep the laps coming but kept them about the hour mark with one exception. I continued to pass riders on the climbs to Magic Mushroom, above the Buzzards Nest and on route to the final descents, while only being passed by the truly fast folks and not many at that.

6 hours 39 minutes later, I finished lap 7 and, while I was inside the cutoff to get another lap in, there wasn't a 50 minute lap in my legs so I came in.

Provisional result:  22/58 in vet men, 42/146 overall.


simondbarnes said...

Well done :)

Mullerton said...

Outstanding that grant!

grant said...

Bearing mind the fact that I started about 6 minutes after everyone else..... :-O