Tuesday, 1 April 2014

ClifCross cobbles, mist and muddy cross capers

Clifcross: a cross ride, supported by Clif (the bars people). And great it was too.

The theme: a sort of a mini Three Peaks set in the steep valleyed hillsides and moors around Calderdale, West Yorkshire. One of that new breed of events, a gathering of mates on bicycles, a sort of sportif for the cross obsessed and mountain bike curious. Lovers of inappropriate bikes apply here.

I was in no fit state to race (Strava tells me I'd ridden 200-odd kilometres this year, surprised it's that many!) so a 'ride around' was called for. Nevertheless you find yourself falling into wheel with people about your pace and start pushing on a little — not wanting to get dropped on the drags, getting giddy on the descents — so you start to try just a bit harder than you would if you really were just out for a ride.

We climbed, we climbed some more, we descended, we found mud, some of us punctured. We got caught doing the walk of shame by the SportsSunday photographer, we stopped for a banana. There was some road, we should gloss over that. It rewarded us with a headwind to drill home the inappropriate choice of surface. We got a little bit lost at the end and stopped to ask a policeman.

We found our way home and there were spot prizes, there was hog roast, considerate veggie options for the special people, fancy bikes from Felt.

Stats: 46.3km long, 1,154m high.
Observations: disc brakes on cross have jumped from a cold start to 'surprisingly popular'.

Many thanks to Emma from the Kinesis-Morvelo project and Ali from Mills Physio for getting off their asses and organising such a splendid, well-judged event so the rest of us have an excuse to meet up and have a bit of a crack on bicycles. It'll be back next year and I recommend it.

Thanks to SportsSunday and Dave Haygarth for the pics.


Dave Haygarth said...

It was indeed as ace as you have described.

Mullerton said...

Sounds wonderful, maybe next year and Steve, gears? That's very conformist of you.
(That pink buff does go well, by the way)

Steve said...

I was grovelling in bottom on the blinking ROAD Michael!