Monday, 10 March 2014

We're not in Kansas now

Yesterday saw the first official outing for any of the family's Belgian-flavoured VC jerseys as Saul got a slot on a Go-Ride BMX coaching session at the track in Manchester. We were piggy-backing on the club that organises the local kids MTB race series (Richardsons CC) who got the opportunity through valiantly running a few winter kids races. Manchester is a long way to go but the level of the facilities makes it so worthwhile. The BC coaches were fantastic too, and they probably needed to be as they let 30 or so kids loose on an Olympic standard BMX track. Only one ambulance needed... those lumps aren't small you know.

Gate 4

Needless to say Saul loved it and wants to do more, which will be tricky with nothing BMXy within 50 miles, but we'll sort something out. He did OK in the racing, but the age grouping and mix of experience meant he was consistently 4th in his races. There's probably some motivation for him there! As a venue it was outstanding and as an experience it will stick in his mind for a long time to come. Yeah... waste of public money these big sporting white elephant things.



Wool said...

Hey DS I think it's time for some DH jerseys on the next run ?

Mullerton said...

I hear you, are you getting all rad in your old age Piers?