Wednesday, 13 November 2013

"At the end you need to feel like you're going to be sick"

Focussing (thanks to Richardsons CC)
Pinning it
Saul going "no brakes" fast
That was the advice I gave. Thankfully I don't think he took it too seriously. Saul's first taste of the "race of truth", going "contre le montre", the TT, just man boy and machine against the clock, was really rather gentle. The first in (maybe, hopefully) a winter series of Go-Ride events run by Scarborough's Richardsons CC was an off-road time trial up the side of a golf course in Hunmanby. It's on the Wolds, you can see the sea, usually it's howling there in November, but the 500m steadily uphill woodland course, with nothing technical bar a short twisting downhill section a third of the way in, was dry and it was sunny. It was also cold. Once the massive numbers were pinned on, and then pinned on again where they were supposed to be (lucky 13 for Saul) we had a quick warm up on the course. I have to say it no longer seemed that cold once I'd run the course each way providing 'close support' to Ezra (just four and still not big enough for a Velocake jersey), and I was definitely steaming a bit once I'd done that again in his first race. Bizarrely (with 4 1/2 years between them) he and Saul are in the same age category (Under 8). Ezra managed 14th out of 16 and like a pro in the grupetto on a wet Cipressa (who hadn't eaten enough cheese on toast) decided that the inside of the team car was a warmer and better place to be for the remaining two races.
Ezra "keeping it rolling" (thanks to Richardsons CC)
At the time of course no one had any idea how they'd done. Apparently random numbers were being shouted and radioed and things written down on start sheets. Towards the end of proceedings certificates were handed out, but it was clear that sorting the results out would need someone with a clear head, a clear evening, and I'm guessing a bottle of wine. So as if to remind the kids of the long-lost joys of delayed gratification the results took a couple of days to arrive by email. On the day Saul looked quick and smooth (but then I would say that), he also seemed to have understood the concept better than some. I may have voiced some advice to another under eight dawdling along and looking behind him to see if anyone was catching him up. As usual at these events I was aware that my style of heckling encouragement, honed during countless singlespeed races and drunken 24hr fests, might not be the most appropriate.
Pressing on
Saul clocked the third fastest time in the first race, then the second fastest in the last two races. He grabbed second place overall by just 3 seconds. When I told him who he beat to second spot he fist-pumped a "YESSS!!", making me proud and alarmed in equal measure. So that should have set him up for the grown-up hill climb we're both signed up for this weekend. 2.9km at an average 8%... he might even manage the feeling sick bit on that one, I'm pretty sure I will.
Cutting leaves with spinning tyres - well what do you do between races? ;-)
Spinning tyre leaf cutting - you'll see this in every CX pit in the country next year.


simondbarnes said...

I want you to actually be sick Jonathan. No excuses accepted.

Jon Bateman said...

"Why are you being sick Daddy?"

"Because Simon told me to"

Feeling proud now?


simondbarnes said...

That sounds perfect :)

Mullerton said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Saul is a natural. As I'm sure Ezra will be.

grant said...

I think Judith has the right approach. :-)

Jon Bateman said...

Yeah, Ju's got the whole racing thing sussed ;-)