Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fast food

There's an inescapable junk food thread going on here. Having collected more McDonald's vouchers at the last round of racing, Sunday's outing was to the McCain's sport ground for Saul's fourth race meet of the year. Fast boy Oscar wasn't there, but the proximity to the metropolis of Scarborough and the conurbations further south (Brid, Filey, etc) had brought out a different field in the under-8s. It was sunny, the mown grass was dry and very comfortable to laze about on - perfect conditions to watch racing!

The course was best described as "decently undulating" and there was a clear thirst for some meatier racing than at some previous meets with Saul's class straight into 2 lappers. This should have been to Saul's advantage but a poor choice of starting slot meant that the hole shot evaded him (think mass bike-child tangle at the first corner) and he was shuffled to near the back. His 5th place, which he was decidedly non-plussed about, brought about a concerted coaching session from both parents on gear selection strategy (we don't like to call it nagging). This nearly back fired as the next race was run in reverse, but he dug in hard and finished very strongly, passing a good few who were flagging, to take 3rd. Rolling off his bike he lay flat on his back imploring me to "FEEL MY HEART!"... it was indeed going like the clappers. He's getting the hang of this lark.

The final race was one lap of the big circuit (used for the under 12s and 14s). Another poor starting slot and some pedal clipping faff (<cough>he might have been the only under-8 riding clipless </cough>) saw him set off down the first straight dead last. He passed 4-5 riders before the first corner and disappeared from sight. He reappeared in 5th with just a drop off a steep bank and the last climb to go. It's bloody nerve wracking watching your child race whilst trying really hard not to be one of those parents, so I am please to announce that I very calmly thought "He'll get third from there"... and he did!

We spent his balance of junk food vouchers on the way home... he'd pretty much gathered enough to pay for the whole family. That's pretty PRO I reckon ;-)


Rocketdog said...

well done Saul, putting some of us to shame, top step of the podium next time!

Mullerton said...

Saul is ace. what a winner!

spd's though....no wonder he's first.

simondbarnes said...

Way to go!