Sunday, 16 June 2013

Small circles

Saul has been proudly (not sure where that came from) flying Velocake colours in the burdgeoning North Yorkshire coast youth mountain bike racing scene (it's sick out here for under-8s) for a couple of years and has finally worked out that going fast for the entire length of a race can be fun.

Too cool to smile
Pre race chilling*

After a single podium last month, this morning, amongst the buzzing 2-strokes at Low North Camp, he got the hang of it and scored three podiums in three races - a 3rd, a 2nd and then another 3rd, just getting pipped at the line. Conditions were moderately slimey, making a few of the dads pretty smug about not being at Mayhem and generating much cursing from Islabike riders with from-the-box semi-slicks.

Pushing for 2nd - 3rd place is just out of shot

His 2nd was in the big money race - earning a Maccy Ds "Value Meal" and making his mum groan at the prospect of having to find an opportunity to cash it in. They know all about athlete nutrition in Yorkshire. It runs out that two certificates, a burger voucher and an actual real shiney medal are exactly what an 8 year old needs to have a brilliant day.

Podium... 3 times! 3rd, 2nd, 3rd

* There's no under-4s class so Ezra's keeping his powder dry for now ;-)


Mullerton said...

Fantastic, we've got a winner, finally.Who needs mayhem pahh!

You want to get the lad off the mcdonalds muck and on to ons nice Victoria sponge

simondbarnes said...


Tom Levell said...

When you find a class for Ezra we'll be down with the competition. Mind she'll have to get round to wanting to ride the pedal bike first.
Hmm also what happened about those Belgium Blue jeresey's DS?

Mullerton said...

Yeah....about that Tom.

Im still waiting for the last order to be delivered, the one with armwarmers, so I didn't want to overlap.
Also might try someone else who'll do a small high quality batch, y'know, just for the chosen few :)

grant said...

Using someone else that does lower order runs may be the way forward.

There's a few around IIRC.

grant said...

(Which means I'm well up for a blue jersey....I might have even suggested it before along with someone else?)

Mullerton said...

i know you are, thats possibly four of us then.
I'm thinking more high end and bespoke....saville row lycra?

rocketdog said...

Surely purple for the hiarcy, if it was good enough for Roman Emperors...