Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Dream Team returns - rumblings of life in Scotchland

After a break for a season, the Scottish dream team are back in business in June.

This time out, its the Glentress 7, a 7 hr lap race malarky in some obscure riding spot near Peebles.

The big grumpy one is riding, while the smiling helpful one is pitting.  Although there's a shedload of riders, the Vet men solo category only has 31 riders in it (when last checked) so the plan is for a top 30 place in my category.  Its my first time at that event, so I'm a little anxious.  That said, the course seems to play to my few strengths so we'll see what happens....

The following week sees the Selkirk MTB marathon and more familiar ground.  There's going to be some course changes there, so I can't rely on familiarity to maintain my reasonable record (27/107(?) in the 2012 middle marathon as an example) so it falls to fitness and luck to see me through.  It should be fine.

So, Scotchland seems to have woken up which means Velocake are back in the endurance MTB game (none of that roadie or CX nonsense) and we're in the same mood we always are.  :-)


Mullerton said...

is there a grumpy sod category at any of these races?

Anyway, don't be poo pooing the cross racing team, I did an mtb race a month ago.

grant said...

Yes boss!! :-)