Friday, 24 May 2013

Cyclocross....In Summer?

Here's the VeloCake RT sommelier Piers, (He has excellent accompaniments for all the major races) laying  the "smack down" to our friends at V.C. Moulin at the the recent summer Tod Cross.
If you need a visual metaphor for a Flandrian Hardman, here it is.If you squint it could be Sven Nys.
Cross, cobbles and he showered  in Jupiler afterwards
Zeer Vlaamse!


Steve said...


Mullerton said...

just you and me here Steve?

bunny said...

that's great but have you seen the jupiler cathedral

Wool said...

17th out of 33 M40 V maybe not so Flandrian but I,ll take the Jupiler anyway

Mullerton said...

Jupiler cathedral?

Piers, it's that attitude, not the result that matters.

grant said...

Riding while others are walking.