Sunday, 23 December 2012

Women's cx racing in the north

For the first time ever in the North West League us women were given our own race. Determined to show how amazing VeloCake is me and Ali turned up at the start line in our kit. The race was tough, hilly and muddy, just like cross should be really.

Ali went past me quite early on and although I could keep her sight I couldn't catch her. The huge hill that we were all walking/running/stumbling up was too much for me.
I never realised riding for only 40mins could be so hard! But after 40minutes Ali finished on the podium in thirds with me a little way behind in 6th. Not bad for the first cross race Ali has finished.


bunny said...

Well done girls

Mullerton said...

Ali needs a cross bike, she'll be great at it then.
I know were there's one going :)

Anonymous said...

Thought Allan had got back on a bike then.