Friday, 28 December 2012

Bunny's New Wheels

Ian "Bunny" Warren has caused great excitement down here today, unveiling his new bike.
Shame it's a bit late for the cross season though.

Big things will be expected next season, no more languishing around in 19th place in the league. Top ten next year!


bunny said...

September will soon be here again.

Who wants to be top ten,i want a podium finish :)

grant said...

Holy shit, that's nice.

al said...

I like the look of that... and I hate modern tat!!

Nice one Bunny


Mullerton said...

He only got it cause its in team colours.

Alan you big liar, it ain't steel and it ain't made by Tom Ritchey

al said...

You trying to say i don't move with the times and am obsessed by the bicycles of uncle Tom or what?

I have an aluminuminium bike with front and back springy bits... you don't get more cutting edge than that, do ya!!


Anonymous said...

What about Mr Greeny then

al said...

Gangrene is a cutting edge bit of French lovelyness..... and only needs :- Chainset, wheels, tyres/tubes, cables, levers, saddle, pedals, rear mech, shifters, chain and cassette before she's ready for the off!!

I love my new bike.


al said...

Johns cough syrup is having a funny effect!!