Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Racing Interlude

In between all this racing, cakes are still being eaten, café's are still been frequented.

The Kershaw's are still winning.  Toby was first again on Saturday, across the border in Lancashire.
Tim finished a very respectable 27 th in the seniors race.
Down in Devon, it was the southwest championship. A one off race to crown the bestest riders down here. Finally we had a race with with mud. The amount of ripped mechs, snapped chains was huge. There was even a snapped seat stay. So many riders finished carrying their bikes.


simondbarnes said...

So where did you finish Mike?

Anonymous said...

The real winner in any race this season is Ian "the bunny" Warren.Not only does he race again after being properly twatted by a Saab,he does so with bits of lung and other internals missing.Also he takes the time to flatten out the corners so we can try and get around faster.
Hats off to Ian.And good to see some proper cake pics again.jm.

al said...

Here here jm..... Ian has been a legend for riding CX this season.Even more so for the fact he must be in pain most of the time!

Chapeau Bunny.


bunny said...

Well someone has to show you all how to do it proper like.
Anyway its all down to my coach (H.J.S)for my training regime,mmmm doughnuts.

Thanks for the surport guys