Thursday, 1 November 2012

More CX Success

A week gone since the Raphasupercross and Yorks Points Rd 6. This week it's back to a single race weekend on the Sunday at Brighouse in Rd 7 of the Yorks Points. The only word to describe part of the Brighouse course in 'savage'. The run up is a 1 in 3 bank about 25m in length, its 'orrible. Although Toby doesn't do this part of the course thankfully, the U8,10 & 12's stay in the bottom of the park on the soggy grass. The usual pair of Toby and Marcus Hiley from Pedalsport took off at the front and gapped everybody. Toby didn't let Marcus get away this week and sat with him until he popped and Toby rode away from him for the victory. The senior race had a reduced field this weekend due to the southern round of Raphasupercross, a field of only 29. I managed a good start, 4th into the wooded section but I lost 10 places throughout the course of the race and ended in 14th. I'll happy with that though. Another good weekend of cx racing for the Kershaw/Velocake collective :-) 


Mean while another weekend, another round of cross races.
Down south, it was our almost local race in Truro. A really good fast course, with lots of interesting bits. Despite a few minor technical difficulties which dropped me from 2nd place, i managed to finish in 5th, Ian was 18th.
Well done again to Young Toby, putting the rest of us to shame. Two wins in two weeks.



KatieCake said...

That lad of yours is doing a grand job. Such a brillliant result. Bet you and Lisa are extremely proud. =D

Go Team VeloCake!

simondbarnes said...

Good work you two :)

Mullerton said...

Are we turning into some sort of winningest machine or what?
That Toby is fantastic!