Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I am a cross racing guru

Yes it's true, your D.S. can just about turn his hand to out.  Sunday's VeloCake cross was a resounding success.  I can't really believe it myself, as we were there setting out the course at 7am Sunday morning and making quick alterations 15 minutes before the main race.  It all went so well.

If anyone remembers a quote from Gallic philosopher Cantona, " children gathered around me and talking in hushed voices, one came close and gently spoke, " that was a  great course,  thank you".
So I altered the last bit, because that happen to me not Eric.

So, the course, THE course. The course that I designed.  It almost had absolutely everything. Big fast open sections, loads of off camber downhill bits.Steep short climbs and steps. Two flights of steps.
It ain't really a cross race without a few steps to shoulder and run up.

Added to this, spectators had cowbells, gentle heckling and a football rattle all added to the atmosphere.
I've no idea what happen in the race, I was to busy running around between lap counters, commisaires,
sign on sheets and so on and so on.  

Would I do it again? Definitely.  It was the one of the most frantic, non-stop weekends I've had in years, but it was absolutely fantastic.  The best thing of the whole weekend, was people coming up to me afterwards and expressing their enjoyment of the race and what a great course it was.  
That really topped it all off.  I think I have a knack for this.

I have quite a long list of people to thank, without getting like the Oscars.
Firstly Alan.  He worked his socks off on Saturday and Sunday to make it happen.  Alan came out with  something, I can't remember if it was Saturday night, or 7:00 Sunday morning, but it was basically "doing it for the team". He did go on and elaborate, or witter, but none the less, I couldn't have done it without him.
Also, Katie and her mum, running the sign on and putting up with irate mothers of 8 year olds all morning.
Ian for turning up at a moments texts message, Sunday morning.
The Fella's from SWCX, Roy and Andy.
Vin Cox for getting the equipment trailer on Friday night.
Stuart for the lift to get the trailer.
John, John, Nick and Tue for marshalling.
Adam and Wendy for lap counting.
Crickey, and everyone else who knows me.

Least I forgot, Jenn Hopkins and all of Singletrack and Dom Mason at Kinesis Bikes for such generosity and help.  Buy their mags and buy their bikes everybody.

Below is a mood board, to take you there.


al said...

The boy did good!

Thanks for the props mate....

Same time next year then?


Mullerton said...

Alan, you look like Billy Conolly.

Rocketdog said...


bunny said...

Thanks for a great course.I think i am now recovered.Can't wait till next year,but might get stair lift installed for all those steps.

Steve J Makin said...

very proud of you Mikey :-) chapeau !

Mullerton said...

Thanks Steve, I really could have done with a photographer though

Anonymous said...

Havent you got a mate who takes some average sort of pics

grant said...


Steve said...

Chap! And indeed Eau.
You are a giver, take pride in what you made.