Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cake Velo

Some people moan about the amount of bikes and bike racing on here (Alan).  So to redress the balance
and to shut up the moaning, here's a cake.

What's more, it's home made, by me!
It's a Flemish appel en kaneel taart.

It's what Sven Nys has before races.


Anonymous said...

We coud eat that as well before our races.If they hadn't all been bloody cancelled due to a bit of damp in the

bunny said...

I think it was a bit more than damp in the air,i was planning to put a canoe in the pits.

Nice looking cake mike bet it goes great with custard on cold days.

If you bring the cake i'll bring the custard and spoons.

hungry al said...

I do like a bit of tart!

Did you make us all some then?

al. :-)