Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Roll call, blog roll, swiss roll - 3 Peaks

A few cakers wandered up to the Yorkshire Dales this weekend for a nice ride in the country. It was the 50th running of the iconic Three Peaks Cyclocross. The weather was horrendous, the 'Cake showing was nothing short of heroic. Former World cyclocross and MTB champ Thomas Frischknechtt turned up this time from his Swiss home. None of us beat him.

Our results:
Tom Hill: 4h 50, 209
Piers Mortimer: 4h 58, 249
Steve Riley: 5h 16, 338
Amy Baron-Hall: 6h 20, 494
Winners: all.

My blog here
Amy's write up
Tom's words on the Kinesis blog


24Tom said...

Cheers for adding a link to my words Steve :-)

A cracking day out.

Mullerton said...

Brilliant, the lot of you.

grant said...


Wool said...

Double punctures to much cake & booze conspired against the day I still had a fantastic time.

Mullerton said...

Was that whilst riding around Piers?

Wool said...

Thats how I roll Mike, can i add to that the shine has been taken of the day by discovering that i smashed my frame.