Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cyclosnot Cyclocross!

I've woken up to a beautiful morning in Leeds. Cold, crisp, blue skies. Autumnal.

Unfortunately I have woken up as a bunged up, walking snot ball. I've been like this for the last few days. I'm not going to die. It's not even bona fide man flu. It is not ideal for a CX race though. Very small mammals have got a larger lung capacity than I have today.

But it is my "home" CX race today. And, hey, it's only riding in circles for an hour. How hard can it be?

Good luck to all the other VeloCakers racing CX today (and good luck to Amy and Ali who will have very nearly finished riding Dusk til Dawn as a pair)/


As a sub note. One of the best ever races in the south west was today's race at Stover.
The course had everything, hella fast sweeping bends, noodley bits, climbs, banks, steps, mud, trees and a bit of golf course.
Team VC were there in force, including soigneur Al, who drove us all and provided the leg rubs although he has very rough hands.  

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bunny said...

What a great course at stover. Hope we get to go back next year when i am a bit i mean a lot fitter.