Sunday, 21 October 2012

CX Doubleheader

It's been a late start to the cx season for the K household with holidays and a couple of weddings meaning the first real cx weekend was the double header of Rapha Supercross and the Yorkshire Points Round 6 on consecutive days.
Rapha Supercross was the biggy, probably the largest northern cx race of the season apart from the Nationals in Bradford. It was an early start as mini K's race was at 10.45. Toby was really looking forward to racing, his enthusiasm is fantastic.  The U10 race had a great field of 40 riders who all whizzed off the line at the start. Seeing all the keen youngsters racing certainly gives us hope for the future of the UK CX scene. Back to the racing.....after the first drag from the start T was in second behind a fellow trainingg buddy and that was the way it stayed for 14.5mins out of the 15 min race. On the last short slippy rise towards the finish the leader slipped a gear and had to put a foot down, this was T's chance and he took it like a pro, a couple of extra pushes on the pedals and he was away and over the line for the win!!!! Velocake winner! He was well chuffed with his ride, saying I can't believe I won. He certainly got a pat on the back from me and Mum, we were as chuffed as he was.

The day progressed with a full programme of racing and at 13.30 it was my turn to ride a bike round a grassy sticky Stately Hall grounds. The 40min race was as hard as I expected but not as hard on me as some others struggling with mud caused mechanicals and clogging tyres. The course was all grass with lots of twisty off chamber bits making it challenging from a traction point of view and there was no recovery at all, pedal, pedal, pedal. I got lapped just before the finish so I was happy not to do another hard lap. I was 23rd/60 odd riders, I was happy with that in the heavy conditions. Overall an awesome day of racing not only for the K's but the whole event.

Day 2 of the weekend was a trip to Huddersfield in the gorgeous autumn sun. Toby was as keen a mustard to get racing against his training buddy again. The two lads were way ahead of the field but the win this time went to Marcus instead of Toby but T was happy with his 2nd place.
The senior race was fast as usual with yesterday's race taking its toll on my legs but it was still a good race with mid pack battles a plenty.

It has been a fantastic weekend of cx racing along with meeting new people at both events. The cx season is in full swing now and I hope for many more great races like these two.



simondbarnes said...

Good work the Kershaws!

Mullerton said...

1st and 2nd! I think that's the best anyones ever done. Well done Toby.

Anonymous said...

Well done to you both.What do you give him for breakfast,Mike and I want some

KatieCake said...

Yay. You two boys have definitely done good.

A huge well done to you both, esp Toby - the VeloCake future. Hope he remembers us when he is a global superstar.