Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Track League

Hello, many of you won't know me, but anyway I'm Louis (@lougo98) im 14 and im new to velocake, and i've started track racing this year.
It's great, but hard work! I did it last monday and yesterday, yesterday was a lot better results wise, I got all top 10 places in the races i did: 6th in the devil, 4th in the keirin and 6th or 7th in the 8 lap handicap. The only massive let down was the Italian pursuit because I was the last rider in the team, i couldnt give it my all on the last lap because completely dead on a bike.
im racing again next monday so i hope to get a top 3 in one race.
Thanks for reading this :)


KatieCake said...

Top 10? Super! Well done.

Your new VeloCake kit must really hold magic powers.

Mullerton said...

Well done Louis, nice post, and you can be proud your the best trackie on the team :D
Eh! You're not that new to the team are you.
Well done again and keep us posted.

Steve said...

Nice one. We could do with some talented people :)

al said...

Top job.