Saturday, 15 September 2012

The season is upon me

It's my first CX race of the season tomorrow. Up in Yorkshire, there have already been a couple of rounds, but they've clashed with other commitments.

I'm not sure if my legs are quite ready for the shock of riding as fast as possible for an hour. They've spent the last 8 months concentrating on keeping turning for 24 hours or more. I'm game for a laugh/cry though.

Now, Mikey is very traditional in his views. Cyclocross bikes should have cantis. I've come to 'cross via mountain biking. It's around 10 years since I first used disc brakes. There are a lot of benefits to them. Not all directly apply to a genre that simply needs a bit of speed reduction here and there, but many do. It also provided me with a nice opportunity to buy a new bike, and who can argue with the desire for nice shiny new things?

Enter the Kinesis Pro 6
Now, a new bike does not maketh the racer. But it is scientifically proven that shininess adds 1% more speed.

I'll let you know how I get on.



KatieCake said...

Yay for the nice shiny new bike.

Good luck for tomorrow. I hope it doesn't get too muddy. ;-)

simondbarnes said...

Did you win Tom?

I see jm was a respectable 27th overall at the SW cross at Wellington.

grant said...

Fuck canti's.

Bikes should be able to stop.

Nice bike Tom. :-)

Steve said...

Tom's turned pro! Nice write up pre-Three Peaks over at