Sunday, 9 September 2012

SWCX Round 1

Cross season is back down here in the SouthWest, the opening round was today in Bodmin.
Not put off by a triathlon that has happening at the the same place, we fought our way through hundreds of people in speedos, (really, there was)  and lined up.
Bodmin is a great course, although the sections of singletrack do not conform with the U.C.I. 3 metre wide rule. I will be having words with the appropriate commisaires, don't you worry.
A few chips before the race,  a bottle of Vedett after, 'cross racing is the best.
I must  mention our team mate Ian, doing his first cross race today and looked like he loved almost every minute.

1 comment:

al said...

The three stooges!!

Ian 'Bunny' Warren is a legend for getting back in the saddle after an enforced lay off of several years.

Top work mate.... i'm in the bike shop with donuts later.