Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cyclo-Cross Racing in the North West

With the race being less than two miles from my house it would have been rude not to race. I got there just in time to cheer on the fastest Velocake Rider of the day, Toby in the Under-10's. I rode hard, was slow but somehow think I finished 2nd to a flying Becky Preece (okay she lapped me but she rode at the mtb Worlds for GB so its allowed).


simondbarnes said...

It was a good race!

al said...

Good work.

al. :)

Anonymous said...

Only two miles to a race.We spent over two hrs getting to Barnstaple for 50 mins of action this Sunday.Mike chose to rest his legs for the big one this coming Sun.A poor turn out in lousey weather had me finishing easily in the top twenty.
With over 500 miles of travelling over the last three weeks it will be good to stay at home this

simondbarnes said...

Good work on the top 20 jm, you can only beat those that are there!

I was 107th out of 158 starters :)

Anonymous said...

158 starters,I dont think we have that many all season.

Mullerton said...

What about the rest of the team?
What happened to Ali?
And where was the Cross Captain, Timmy?
Not to mention Tom,(although now he's pro and sponsored)

simondbarnes said...

Ali got barged off the course twice so decided to stop and cheer people on instead.

Tim had a runny nose

Tom had a hangover

TimK said...

Dont forget mini VC member Toby, 4th in the U10's :-)

Mullerton said...

Toby did get a mention. Showing the rest of us how its done. Is there any Belgian in the Kershaw family tree?