Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wake up!

What have you been doing Cakers? Please share your cake-related tales of bicycle achievement!

In particular, I'd like to hear of the preparation (or otherwise) of anyone foolish enough to sign up for the Three Peaks cx. You know it's only next month? Yikes!

For me, I've been getting 1-2 hour road rides in, hill reps on and off the bike and a bit of fell running. I reckon a bit of hill running fitness will take you a long way on this ludicrous race. I'm painfully aware of the big gap between 1-2 hours exercise and the 4-5 it'll take on the day :)

How's it going folks?


Steve J Makin said...

not been riding much of late, but I'm back now and gagging for it :-)

simondbarnes said...

I've not been riding at all and am now the size of a beached whale. I should probably do something about it :)

al said...

I rode a bike today for the first time in nearly two years, my legs hurt.

I can't wait till the morning when my ass starts hurting too!

That sounds like an exert from David Cameron's memoirs.


Mullerton said...

i've been in Belgium, training with Sven. It was mainly beer, frites and wafel. I did gone for a run over there though. errmmm will do some walking up hills, shouldering the bike when i find some

Pete said...

I proudly donned les colours d' cake last sunday and went round the short loop of the 2012 Exmoor Explorer. It was great. I need a new Team VC shirt now as I got quite splattered on some of the ridiculously long and fast downhill sections.
Epic views, epic trails. Had issues with lack of lube on drivetrain (thanks to the mechanic and BikeTreks for liberal application of schmooveness during the cake focussed tea stop). I made a bee-line for the sticky plain sponge with some type of moist fruit in, eschewing the traditional flapjack and fruitcake. It was the syrupy top layer which held my attention. I think I had five slices, all washed down with cups of raspberry squash. Stuffed a few handfulls of jelly-babies in my back pocket and then set off to what turned out to be the biggest climb of the day but it was fortunately on tarmac so I made a steady and easy job of it.
Saw a singlespeeder for the first time in four years.
The whole experience was enhanced by a nice soundtrack courtesy of iPod and various musical talents.
Would have been different if it was raining, but it was a glorious bit of weather. Looking forward to next year, and maybe tackling the long loop.
I thoroughly recommend you to give it a try next year. I wouldn't have to camp on my own then.
Have I missed a recent round of new jerseyism Mike as mine is getting a bit tatty? Lovin the cake.

Mullerton said...

Pete, you should start posting, going off this. Pay attention, a sneaky jersey order is on the cards

Tom Levell said...

I raced a mountain bike 2 weeks ago. I was going to write something about it when I get a chance.

Rocketdog said...

Sneaky jersey order? I know someone who wants one too

Rocketdog said...

I am preparing for the proper CX race of interest this year, i had less biscuits this week and everything!

trio said...

Update has been posted as requested!

Mullerton said...

I've fallen into the full flanderian mold, and is eating too many chips and drinking leffe, Duval and my new fav ezel. Oh crap, im going to die

24Tom said...

3 peaks specific training is going to be tricky until I build up a new CX bike :-/

Better crack on with it!