Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ik ben Fiets Koek

Now that I have done some dusting of the cobwebs and hoovering around here, it's back to business.

Last week we travelled to Belgium for a pre-season cross training camp.
I had arranged to meet a fella called Sven, all though that's a whole other story.
On arriving in West Vlaanderan on Thursday evening, I thought I'd soak up a bit of local atmosphere, hitting the nearest frites van and ordering frites with chilli sauce and a can of Juliper.
The rest is my photo essay of our trip.


Anyway, after several phone calls, chasing tails and getting no-where, turns out Sven had gone to to London for some race or other.  Still, we ate and drank well. 


simondbarnes said...

Looks shit

Mullerton said...

yeah, rubbish. Wouldn't recomend it.

trio said...

Looks like a good Birthday weekend!

young al. said...

You've gotta push the boat out when you get to mikey's age.lets face it, not that many more left, especially looking at his diet.


Steve said...

Leave him negative feedback.