Sunday, 10 June 2012

So much to tell

Oh 'eck, I've been slack and not said anything on here for ages but there's been quite a bit happening of late, so I shall break the news down into handy segments divided by bullet points. Think of it as a power point presentation type blog.

  • Right first up, I have sucked up to "The Man" and gone all official.  We are now a registered team, club, group with British Cycling.  Those of us that have a race licence, don't you dare renew it with another club. Membership benefits apply to us all though, whether or nor your racing.  If you've got a jersey, you're in the club and get all the great things such as insurance stuff blah blah blah yawn.

  • The first VeloCake Cross is on.   I think the date has been changed back to October 7th but it is on.!  You wanna come? you do don't you. It would blow my tiny mind if we had a huge VC turn out there.  Ok, it's in Redruth, Cornwall, but me casa e tu casa.

  •  VC member, Dan O'Hara carried the Olympic torch last week, Through the bustling metropolis of Burscough. If you don't know where that is, it's in the East Lancs wilderness.

  • John Morse rode the end to end last week in five days, despite needing an emergency bottom bracket in Wigan.  (it all happens in East Lancs)

  • VeloCake had two teams at Bristol Bikefest. I think we can say that we smashed it. Especially in the sartorial stakes.  Skinsuits and tweed flat caps are THE hot look of the summer, girlfriend.

  • Anyone fancy riding the famous climbs of Le Tour this summer?  The VeloCake inbox had an email from a bloke called Christian from Liskeard  who's riding the Alps for charity.  His two mates have welched on him and he wants someone to ride with.  They have a van so it'll be supported. I don't think you even have to do it for charity, just cover the costs of the ferry, petrol food etc. If you fancy it, get in touch with me.

  • I'm sure there's something else, never mind.


grant said...

Scotch news - a VC rider did the middle distance at the Selkirk MTB marathon and came 27/106 or something.

Mullerton said...

Then tell us more then

grant said...

Rocketdog said...

"If you've got a jersey, you're in the club and get all the great things such as insurance stuff blah blah blah yawn."

more details please

Gab344 said...

Any news on when this summer's kit will turn up Mike?

Mullerton said...

Nothing yet, I'm going to chase it up today

Tom Levell said...

Does this mean we will be able to enter RTCC events? VC Velocake is listed on the BC site but not theirs?

And no I'm not going to start racing on dual carriageways. Hill climbs though...