Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bristol Bike Fest - 2nd place Solo!

I am sure that all the lads will post their own stuff soon about the two VeloCake teams but just a quicky to say VeloCake had a storming result at Bristol BikeFest this weekend.

Young Benji came 2nd in his race. He would have placed first but accidentally took a wrong turn somewhere along the course, so then had to make up ground again.... pipping a lad to 2nd place overtaking him on the final hill and sprinted for the line.


Rocketdog said...


Billy no mates said...

Doing anything this weekend al?

No Mike, got nothing planned why?

It's just that Bristol bike fest is on and as you're my mate I'd like to Invite you, It's gonna be ace!!

Really, I'd love to come and show my support and have great time too.



KatieCake said...

Al, you don't need an invite. You are always welcome wherever we go. :-)

(...Not to the bathroom though as that would be a little weird.)

Mullerton said...

Alan, as if you would go camping for the weekend, in a field, surrounded by hundreds of people on plastic mass produced bouncey bikes.

al said...

Put it that!

Thanks for saving from the hidiousness of modern life.

See you monday.

al. :)

Steve said...

Superb. You fast people are in danger of being chucked off the squad :)

Steve said...
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24Tom said...

Great photo. I did a little write up of the weekend over here...

Great to finally meet some more of the VeloCake squadron