Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nick Wallis

Words can't do it it justice, but I wanted to let you know that Nick is no longer with us. He took his own life sometime in the last day or two. I think a few people knew he'd had a troubled time recently, but not many would have realised things were quite so bad. Nick had just come down from an epic unsupported end to end on his singlespeed. You can read about it here on his blog.

When it comes down to it, who knows what's deep inside a person's soul? If you knew Nick in person, spare a thought for the happier times. I'm chuckling at him losing a pedal jumping out of the bomb-hole at Delamere, just him on the front of the tandem. He landed that one. Poor Nick.


simondbarnes said...

Many happy memories of Nick. Lots of them in a field with bikes and beer. My 1st solo Mayhem as part of team Sideways in 2003...


That Delamere ride when he hucked the tandem. Trip up to Aviemore in 2007 for the Singlespeed Worlds powered by Motorhead and Led Zep.

Tomorrow I ride. I may even try and squeeze into that Sideways shirt from Mayhem 03.

RIP Nick. You'll be missed by many.

trio said...
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trio said...

Reading his LEJOG blog inspired me to think of doing more bikepacking. Although we never met I felt I knew him in some way through blogs and twitter.


Dave Haygarth said...

So, so sad. One of that growing bunch of people who I befriended but never met through social media. Even at that 'level' I feel lik eI lost someone. Just pitying Nick's close family right now.

Mullerton said...

I still can't quite believe it, but like you say Steve, who knows whats going on in people's head.
Nick was always such a happy go lucky fella, always smiling, always easy going, always cheery.

Good times, of course.
Doing solo laps at mayhem together, giving him a push at sleepless at Trenham.
The time Nick, Kirsty and the dogs came to Newquay and had a Jack Johnson concert at the bottom of their campsite. He was going to back the car up and put motorhead on, full blast to disrupt it.
Nick, you went to soon, Mayhem won't be the same without you from now on. He wore the VeloCake shirt with pride and he did it proud.
He was a beautiful person, and I will miss him, and many others will too. He touched the lives of lots of us and will be sadly missed.
My heart and thoughts go to Kirsty and their families.

24Tom said...

I never met Nick. I only stumbled across his blog recently, but enjoyed reading it. He was engaging and entertaining. So sorry to hear that I'll never get to meet him. Thoughts with all those who knew him and will miss him.


Rocketdog said...

I only knew Nick through flickr and twitter, we had some banter and i was massively inspired by his LEJOG. I'm quite stunned by it but still can't imagine how awful it must be for his folks

Maybe we should dedicate Velocake racing for this year to Nick, adding his name to the team name?

Anonymous said...

How come the tossser in a Wisemans milk lorry that put me in the ditch this morning is alive but not Nick.jm.

Wool said...


grant said...

Someone I had only had the pleasure of meeting in person a handful of times, but who I interacted with (esp recently) on t'interweb.

The LEJOG and bivvying adventures inspired me, this year I'm trying to sort out something I can describe as an adventure, even if its just one night away and on that night I'll be raising a glass to Nick.

We'll never truly know what was going on inside but every time I saw him (and in almost every photo I see of him), he's smiling and that's how I'll remember him.

Chapeau Nick.

al said...

Only just seen this as I haven't been on here for a liitle bit.

Very sad news, I'll raise a cake to Nick this evening.

RIP to forever ride free.

al. :(

Toby Scott said...

Nick and I were friends when we were kids in Ribchester. To be honest I lost touch when I left home, but his parents still meet up with my parents so I would hear about Nick from time to time. My memories of him are of playing football, and Manic Miner. He always had a smile, and a funny comment.

My cycling is limited to commuting and some charity rides, but I am a big fan of cakes. Only this terrible news caused to me to find this site and Nick's blog, but the world is a better place for bikes, cakes, those who combine the two, and is a better place thanks to my friend Nicholas Wallis.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Nick on a few things, fantastic bloke.

Steve said...

Nick's funeral was today. As funerals go it was pretty good. Nice turn out of bikers, and the slow peloton accompanied the hearse between church and crematorium. His red helmet with the Velocake sticker was on top of the coffin. Lovely to see Papa Steve and Nicky from the VC squadra. Sorry I didn't get chance to say bye properly.

Mullerton said...

Glad Nick had a good send off.
I was there in thought and spirit