Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Well it's been a bit quiet around here lately hasn't it.  It is with good reason, I haven't forgotten about our site here.  I'm being time efficient, that's all.  Many things in one post.

So first off, the cross team's season has just about drawn to an end, I don't think anyone has entered the nationals this weekend without saying anything have they?

In the Southwest, John and myself  have had our best season yet, he was 5th overall in the vets league and I finished 9th in the seniors. Young Benji Pearson was 20th in the under 10s (although he only did one race)
Photographs from the last round here. Snapper chicks photos

Up North, we've been competing on two fronts, the NWCCA and the Yorkshire points league.
Amy, Piers and Steve have all raced in the North West.  Amy has also raced in Yorkshire and won a round of the Southwest league.  Whilst in Yorkshire Tim, Oli and Tom all kept the flag flying over the other side of the penines in darkest Yorkshire.
One of the seasons highlights has to be Todcross, someone who was there will be writing something about that I'm sure.
The biggest news from Tomorden is that we did have a win! In the under 8's.
Well done Toby Kershaw, here's hoping you can sustain that kind of form for another 15-20 years or so.
Here's a link to the BC site report..   Todcross

If you're a footie fan or nowadays a roadie, you'll be aware of the January transfers.  
Now we're not Sky or BMC and we won't be signing Cav or Gilbert and last time I spoke to Sven and Zdenek, they're tied up in contracts 'till next year, but  (insert pause or gasp) through one means or another we have managed to add a few new signings to the 'Cake .
Excited? I am. Here's to 2012, VeloCakePro, eh Grant.


grant said...

Oh you tease....

Who are the new signings?

(I think I know who a couple are, actually....)

Tom Levell said...

Oi I've raced in both NECCL and CXNE series and the season isn't finished.

Granted I only did badly in one race of each and I'm not racing in anymore this season!

At some point I'll craft a fine post about race plans for the MTB season...

Anonymous said...

Well done Mike!! here`s to a sucessful 2012 for Velocake!

Mullerton said...

sorry Tom, I kinda forgot. Well done you!