Sunday, 11 December 2011


modder boue schlamm fango lama blato dynd


Saturday night was round 10 of the SWCX in Taunton. 
Around a football pitch.
A flat football pitch.
Who cared, it was dark and there was MUD!
All the races so far this year have been pretty much bone dry; no wet, no mud.  I've been crying out for some real cross conditions rather, than a grass criterium.   Finally we had it.

The mud in the corners was like riding on lard; slippy and slidey.  Don't touch the brakes; far too greasy.  Pedalling out of the corners sideways like a speedway star.  Wonderful stuff.
On the straights, it was a mixture of fudge and porridge, back wheels squirming in every direction.  Front wheels doing the same. Just keep pedalling, ride though it.
A great race, hopefully next weeks league finale in Plymouth will be a complete filth fest too.
John was 12th, I was 17th (but I am poorly!).


jm said...

He wasn't really poorly if he used less energy smiling for the camera he would go faster.
This is nhow to do it.

jm said...

Can someone tell him to get to work please he's late.

simondbarnes said...

He's not even muddy!