Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Aborted Audax leads to Cyclo-Cross fun

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On Sunday I was meant to be riding an Audax round the Cheshire Lanes. I was looking forward to the cake stops but Sunday morning came and there was snow and ice, so no Audax. I decided to make the most of it and rolled the two miles down the road to my local Cyclo-Cross Race.

It was muddy, slushy and a tiny bit icy and lots of fun. I rode round somewhere near the back of the field and realised I am rubbish at riding in mud.

Hope you all managed some muddy fun.


jm said...

Mike and I had a propper muddy cross race at Plymouth.A tiny bit of frost but lots of mud and off camber corners.Biggest problem was him trying to sprint off at the start with his bars jammed in my elbow.We nearly came off with the last two thirds of the riders.


Mullerton said...

whats a cross race without mud. At last, proper cross racing.