Monday, 7 November 2011

V.C.s 15 Minutes

Captain of the cross team Timmy Kershaw had a great result in Huddersfield the other week, finishing in 10th place, from a huge field.  It was such a good result he's only gone and made it into the hallowed back pages of Cycling Weekly.
A VeloCake first. 

The last batch of wonderful VeloCake jerseys saw a large influx of new members.
I'm sure all of us welcome them with open arms.

Piers Mortimer, Ellis Blackman, Lisa Kershaw, Becs Levell, Saul Bateman, Danoh O'Hara, Dave Haygarth, Jo Burt, Alec MacHenry, Paul Gowshall, Jon Richie, Tom Hill, Aimee Black, Dave and Debbie Dodds, Paul Robinson, Gordon and Belinda Stovin, Lesley Ezard and finally John Walters.

Welcome along all of you, enjoy the cake


Steve said...

Nice one Tim! Tremendous.

Mullerton said...

did you see they got the team name correct Steve?

i think you should at least give yourself a mention for racing at Pignuts on Sunday.

24Tom said...

Aye, top work Tim!

grant said...

Excellent work!!

Confused said...

its only a matter of time before Tim podiums ;-)

Teetosugars said...

Top work Tim... :o)