Saturday, 26 November 2011

St Helen's CX

I seem to have remember that Cyclocross can be fun so I headed over to St Helen's to race in the North West League. I was joined by TimK so Velocake had a good team showing.
The course was a mixture of made gravel trails, singletrack and a muddy mess. It was good fun. I held onto Jenni's wheel from Liverpool Mercury at the start, that girl has brilliant starts. Then tried to hold onto the girl in second. For the first three laps it was a close battle, she pulled away in the mud, I got it back on other sections.

I lost her in the mud though and the next thing I know Tim is running past me, I need to learn to run with my bike! Two laps later and a lot of mud on the bike it was all over.
I was third female, Tim 9th senior. I'm now recovering by eating cake, racing for an hour is tiring!


KatieCake said...
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KatieCake said...

Well done you two.

Looks and sounds like a good race. =D

trio said...

It was fun! Nice to have a teammate! He is a little faster than me though ;-)

Steve said...

Good work VCers. I got beaten by an Olympian today at the cross country. I count that as quite a scalp.