Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pignut hill revisited

A return to the venue of the big Velocake/tweetup of last year. This year I've bought a cross bike with gears. Went into the thing with tired legs (heavy week, long run in the hills the day before) and low expectations. Excuses in early. Big field, not pushy enough to go for a start position. Finally firing and warmed up after about 10 or 15 minutes, gradually picking off places. The sweet-spot lasted till about 50 minutes in, when I started to flag. Lack of time on the bike was making itself felt. Left knee bleeding from a hashed remount. Another rubbish low speed crash on one of the many grassy corners, all getting less and less navigable as the hour ticked over. Finished about 2/3 down of the 140+ field. Just behind a 70 year old. In my defence, Mick Ives is  many times world and British champion in all kinds of disciplines. But still well into pensioner territory. Must try harder. And remember to change gear. Good luck VCers at Otterspool this weekend.


Mullerton said...

how can you have a sweetspot until 50 minutes in?
i normelly spend the last 40 minutes hanging on and tasting blood

Steve said...

You're fit enough to try Mikey.
Whereas my race pace is much closer to survival :)