Monday, 3 October 2011

Yorkshire Points CX Rd 4

I didn't manage to get to Round 3 of the Yorkshire Points CX in North Allerton so that will be one of my two dropped races this season.
Anyway, to Rd 4 we go at Temple Newsome Park on the outskirts of Leeds. It was a humid 22 degrees and the course was bone dry and dusty in the woods. The turn out for these races seems to be getting better and better, we had 105 in the vets and womens race along with 52 in my senior race.
After the vets and women had loosened the dust on the course it was time for an hours blast. Away from the start we go, i had my best start, in the top 10, to the first corner until some geezer in front decided to anchor on the brakes, as did i to avoid him, there goes 20+ places :-(
My first three laps were good but then i really hit the wall on lap 4. Looking at my lap times i was a minute slower for no apparent reason but then managed to pick the pace back up a bit for the final 3 laps. By the end i was 30th/52 and goosed, sweaty, dusty and a bit pissed off but its all part of racing. Lessons can be learned in time for my next outing at Bolton in the Northwest series on Sun 9th Oct.

Here's a picture from the lovely SportSunday photographers


Mullerton said...

I don't know if it's the white shoes or you giving it "english" but hell you look pro. It's like Sven Nys with glasses.
You must have done beetter than 32 looking like that.

Steve said...

White is right. Fancied that NW event on the 9th, but it clashes with a (shh) fell race I'm doing.