Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rapha SuperCross

Fresh from the 3 peaks, VeloCake newboy Piers has been busy again and seemingly cheery picking just the big events, whats next Piers, a pre-race report from Sven Nys trailer?

Perfect weather, ace course and good turnout with 150 on the start line for the masses (them who had not been invited).
A very quick start had everyone going for it. Too many people into a narrow gap. We filed to the first set of boards.  As I got to the first one some kind soul stabbed me in the back of the knee with a 46t or 48t chain ring, not to sure at this point.

Oh well, I did one lap before realising my leg was not doing what it should and slowed to a course inspection pace.  I finished but not in any style.

I see my wife at the finish and she asks what had being going on as I did not seem to be going very well, I show her my leg and thats it I'm off to A&E, despite my protests that;
1) I have not yet had any beer
2) Where are the frites and mayo?
3) I would like to see how its done properly with the top boys who are on in 25mins.

2 hours spent at A&E picking the crap out the holes in my leg and now not being able to walk. The only consolation was a large latte and bloody big slice of orange and carrot cake at Number 15 cafe in Penrith. Well recommended.
Thats racing!

On the Sunday, VeloCake was racing again at the Rapha Super Cross in Huddersfield, as 'Cross field captain, Tim and Tom both going well in the Yorkshire League.  At the bottom end of the country, John and I had another local race in Bodmin.  It's always a really good course at Bodmin and this one was no different.  It had run ups, singletrack, off camber banks and a wet field that was like riding through treacle.  Great fun.
We also picked up a new supporter, as SWCX organiser, Roy Wyle Smith was cheering VeloCake on every lap.


KatieCake said...

Ouch! Hope your leg is all better now Piers.

Mullerton said...

bet they got the results in a day or so to. harumph

Wool said...

All good now managed to ride up Snowdon last weekend, very good bakewells and hot choc at the top.