Monday, 10 October 2011

Race Updates

A bit of news from the SWCX, the results finally got announced for round 4. Outstanding rides by Team VeloCake, John was 7th in the vets and in some strange symmetry I was 7th in the seniors.
Also, we've found an official photographer. Martin was at the Truro race and has some great photographs. he's on flickr here 

Something else I've spotted this week. For those of us who remember '80's indie bands and tend to look into the fanatical crowds at the Belgian spring classics (just me then?)  this might make you smile, from Half Man, Half Biscuit.

VeloCake has had another increase in numbers recently, if you one of our new members fear not. I will be doing a new role call soon, so you can have your 15 minutes.


jm said...

As you can tell we have been obeying rule no 5.

al said...

half man half biccy! that takes me back.

I wonder if they ever did get a Dukla Prague away kit for Christmas?

7th twice,your winners in my book.


Mullerton said...

Alan, see you on Monday

al said...

I've had a prolapse no sorry a relapse!!!

You don't want me anywhere near you at the moment, i'm all chesty and coughy.


Steve said...

That HMHB album is on its way right now. Frankly I'm wetting myself. Oh and well done racers, etc.

Wool said...

Half man half bic Trumpton Riots a quality album!

Steve said...

Got it now, great stuff. Shimano Ultegra get a name check. Who do they think they are, the Wirral Kraftwerk?