Sunday, 2 October 2011

never mind that racing lark, lets get back to basics

went for a long ride today with a proper VeloCake ethic, 61 miles powered by cheese sarnies and cake
peaches and cream cupcake
in a nod to all the CX stuff here lately you'll notice the tyres on the Swift, which are very inappropriate for both the road and some of the gnarlier trails in the Wyre Forest but a lot of fun, but i digress, there was also

Lemon Crumble
 which i have to say was pretty awesome, oh and no ride is complete without
today was a great ride in the last of the indian summer, new trails, got lost twice, knackered, cake eaten and burnt off and a satisfied grin and proper achy legs as a reward :-)
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Mullerton said...

I don't know when 61 miles became a VC ethic. maybe in 3 rides :)