Saturday, 29 October 2011

Autumn Tour of The Woo

mmmm cake

i did a very pedally ride today, 40 miles and i think out of that only a total of 2 actually freewheeling, no real hills to speak of but pedalling that much on tacky off road terrain takes it's toll. a headwind to the turn around point certainly didn't help either. i had packed a slice of lemon madeira as a treat, but that had gone by mile 20, so i was down to a fake mini Mars bar for the last 20...or so i thought! but to my delight Charlotte had slipped another piece in while i was getting changed, what an awesome surprise! it certainly eased the legs on the last few miles

here's to unexpected cake!
p.s the pic is supposed to be a .gif but doesn't seem to work on my PC, work for anyone else?

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