Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ding Ding ... Round 4

Our local race. 20 mins up the road. What a treat!

Passing up a lie in, we volunteered to help out so we were there at 09.30.

Our first responsibility was to marshall for the kids races and guarding a corner from pesky people jumping on the track, whilst those little 'uns were out racing.

A surprise arrival of fellow VeloCaker, Nick the post, brightened our day especially as his lad and his lads friend stormed the course in the kids race and finished near the top

Flip it was a hot day. For the senior race, it was nearly 28 degrees. The course was  a treat with twisty uppy downy singletrack as well as the usual end to end of a football pitch. It was a hell of a race.

Being at the bottom end of Cornwall, there was a distinct lack of the usual contentenders.  Slackers! .... We have to travel hundreds of miles up country every week but they don't make the effort for ONE! Still, there were plenty of new faces.

Me and John were lapping closely in the top third for most of the race until his back started going.  I had a few trips into the bushes that slowed me down but I kept going and finished on the same lap as the winner.

The highlights of the race were the track side MC leading the whole crowd in shouting and cheering my name every time I went through the start/finish. Also the excellent marshaling/cheering by a larger than usual VeloCake support.

Quite possibly the best race of the season!!


jm said...

Will someone shoot the photographer please.

Steve said...

Nice one. Children are the future you know

KatieCake said...

Pfft! I did the best I could with only a camera phone and my marshalling duties!