Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cyclo-Cross South-West Style

The last day of mine and Ali's holiday in Cornwall coincided with a cyclo-cross race, I obviously had no intention of racing and didn't even bring a cross bike with me. But then Katie offered her bike (well maybe Mikey did) and I found myself on the start line with a lot of fit looking men. Turns out I was the only female.
The course wound round some playing fields with a couple of bits of interest through some trees. Katies bike was amazing, I suffered. Mikey caught me halfway through the race so I had to make sure he didn't lap me again!
I felt dead at the end after a sprint finish (I think between 2nd to last and 3rd to last). But Velocake were of course winners with me being first female and Mikey must have been up there somewhere!


Mullerton said...

wow! I'm looking fast.

good bit of photoshopping.

Can I point to you all, we/Amy is now top of the swcx womens league

trio said...

Do I get a prize if I win?

Oh and no photoshopping you were fast!