Sunday, 18 September 2011

Yorkshire Points CX Rounds 1&2

The Yorks points cx season started early with the first round on the 4th Sept and boy it was a baptism of fire. Things didn't bode well when the British National Champ, Paul Oldham lining up next to me at the start. The hour of racing that's followed was fast, if I'm honest too fast for me. I settled into my pace once the manic first lap was over and just kept tapping out the laps. The result of 27th / 40 was a little disappointing but I just couldn't compete with the high quality riders in the senior race.
The lesson learnt was, I need to up my ante to be competitive.

Round 2 was held today, 18th, at Tong between Bradford and Leeds. This location hasn't been used for years for CX racing, I don't know why because it was an excellent course, a mix of grass, gravel track and tricky forest descents and climbs. It was a perfect course for trying out my new Rhino tubs, oh and my new Velocake skinsuit, thx Mikey :-)
After the usual mad first lap everything settled down. I had no falls and just one chain drop that lost me a place. As the race progressed I noticed some rather black clouds approaching and with 10 mins racing left the heavens opened. It rained so hard it actually hurt through the skinsuit and it turned parts of the course into rivers. My other problem was vision, I couldn't see out of my glasses so some of the descents were super sketchy. I was lapped by the leader just before the finish which meant I was one of the first to finish, straight back to the car to get dry gear on and head home. The highlight of the race were the Rhino tubs, they were awesome, I don't know how I've managed without them. Result to follow. Managed to find a picture of me looking resplendent in my new skinsuit, thx to Jo Allen.

Results are in........22nd out of 42 finishers, that will do nicely :-)


Mullerton said...

results not up yet? Never mind, good job fella. Is there no official picture taker there :(

TimK said...

We don't seem to have the same photo coverage as the NW series, no official ones :-(

grant said...

No pictures means we have no proof it happened. :-)

al said...

Good Lord!!

Have I clicked the wrong button?

There's a fella that looks like a proper athlete on my screen!!

Mikey,bring back the cakes ;)


TimK said...

I shall take that as a compliment Al :-)

al said...

It was meant as one.

Can we have a pic of you holding a cream cake now please?

I'm now using your image on other sites and passing them off as me!!


Mullerton said...

Alan stop being weird again and leave Tim alone. This bromance has to stop, you'll scare him off. You'll never pass as him anyway, muffin top. :)

al said...


Sorry Mikey.


simondbarnes said...

Nicely done Timmy and you're looking rather pro in that skinsuit :)