Tuesday, 13 September 2011

When Danger Pandas go wrong

Well, thanks to the DS and his burd my new jersey's arrived in time for my week off of work, a weekend in Barcelona meant no rides till today, so today was the day of wearing the pinkness, I have to say that I had some admiring glances whilst filling the car up this morning, those petrol station boys obviously know a good thin when they see it :-).

Off to Delamere then, on my own with the fat bike and determined to find some new trails, which I did, in fact two of them.

This short downhill section got sessioned several times so fun it was.

And this trail seemed to go on forever, well as much forever as you can get in the UK, the boggy sections were dealt with by the fat tyres.

Part of the reason for riding today was to take photo's of a helmet I've been testing, and determined to get the cake into print once again I decided that danger pandas were the way forward, as you can see above not all were successful, it was close but I managed to keep hold of the camera and grab the bars before hitting the dog that jumped out at me, I did however get one that fulfilled both briefs ;-)

More Pinkness tomorrow !


I'm not really gay said...

I'm going to leave the fraudian spelling mistake in place as a reminder to get thin again

Mullerton said...

can't wait till tomorrow's second instalment. keep em coming

a' said...

Nice pix.


jumbly said...

Lucky you stayed on. This is what Panda's look like when they go really wrong http://flic.kr/p/5ZpJ7b

Rocketdog said...

I've wanted one of those catlike helmets for road riding for ages

Rocketdog said...

Are they still a gazillian pounds?