Sunday, 18 September 2011

SW CycloCross - Round 2

Today was round two of the South West CycloCross season. This time we had a little less travel as it was only over in Devon.  Ashburton, to be precise. A mere 85 miles away.

As always it was raining over Ashburton when we arrived, but the skies soon cleared leaving blue.

Team VC have done this course a few times now, but this year the course layout had changed a little. This year, it was reversed and the stretch through the much loved sand section was missing. The rain had left the course very muddy and greasy, leaving some of the corners quite treacherous and riders were falling all over the place. There were a number of victims of some awkward off camber corners, where grass and mud met tarmac, unfortunately some were quite serious, but thankfully most were just dented pride.

Mikey started on the 2nd row of the grid and kept up with the fast boys for the first lap, however todays field included pro-rider Will Bergfelt and former junior national champion, Luke Gray who were already lapping riders by their 2nd lap.

The race quickly settled down into the usual pattern, the two pro riders leaving the usual leaders trailing in their wake.

For the first few laps Mikey and John were quite close but after John took a spill the gap grew, with Mikey just behind the fast lads. Then it was Mikeys turn to fall but with only a grazed knee (and a scrawped shifter) he soldiered on. Awww bless! ;-) (Thankfully there was no damage done to my lovely wheel that I had lent to him due to his own Tub explosion.)

The course appeared much shorter than usual as they were all doing fast laps, I lost count after the 10th lap, so there could have been about 15.

The race finished unsurprisingly with the two pros coming in first and second, shortly followed by the Davies' - a father and son duo who usually monopolise the top ranks. Amazingly, crossing the line with National vet champ Steve Davies (who was in the 4th spot) was Mikey. Does that mean me laddo came in 5th? We'll have to wait and see. ;-)

To top off such a great race... they had a trackside chip van! What better way to stir the cross racer in all of us, than the smell of chips wafting across the race-course.

Who knows next time there may be a waffle van too.


Rocketdog said...

Sounds like a mtb would have been ideal

Mullerton said...

no it wouldn't, those big fat tyres slidding across the mud.

I finished 13th in the senior race btw, and have a bruise on my arse.

jm said...

I dont remeber falling off must have been going very fast.