Sunday, 11 September 2011

Round One - South West CX.

Today was the opening round of the South West CycloCross season. So this morning we woke early to set off on our 300mile round trip. We picked up fellow VeloCaker, John, en route and continued on our journey. The skies were blue with only white fluffy clouds in sight. I hoped that we could get to our destination without too much of a weather change but with two long counties to pass through into Somerset, I wasn't convinced.

We got there ridiculously early at 11.00 for a 12.00 start. (With such a distance to travel and only one main road out of here, we had to allow plenty of time for hold-ups etc, but today we got a clear run!)

Amazing, when we got there the sun was still out. The lads signed on. Mikey was number two - I hoped that it wasn't going to be an omen. ;-)

There were quite a few familiar faces from last year but a jolly lot of new faces, including a couple of ladies on mountain bikes. (I was very glad that I had decided against this being my first venture into the world of CX racing as there would have been a lot of competition.) The field of riders was HUGE in comparison to the usual numbers. I guess being so far away from Cornwall and practically in mainland Britain more people could get there than usual. There were people from Swindon, the Isle of Wright and even London!

At about 11.45 the pair went out to do a warm up lap and check the course out. The course was set within two fields with a little uppy~downny stuff at the edges. There was some singletrack, but overall it was flattish.

A few laps done before they found out the start was actually 12.30 - Ooops a few more laps necessary to keep warm.

Just moments before the start the sky turned grey. Then there was a torrential downpour. Thankfully it blew over pretty much as quickly as it arrived, leaving blue skies.
Sheltering from the deluge

At the start Mikey found himself a good position and sprinted off with the fast boys; hanging on for as long as he could. A few of the usual favourites passed him later on in the race but he managed to overtake a few others, keeping a good position.

John also did well, particularly as his long standing back problem that kept him away from the whole season last year, started giving him grief after the first lap.

Results have not been posted yet, but as always I predict Mikey won - well he was the first person to finish behind the people in front. ;-) In all seriousness though I think he was probably within the first third and definitely in the top 20 seniors. C'mon guys, we want the results.

(PS more pics on our new VeloCake Flickr account)


trio said...

Am I missing something, link to flickr?

Oh and he raced in Black not pink, disappointed!

jm said...

Results are here now.I didnt relise I was going so well.

jm said...

That one might work.

al said...

jm, a man that comes in 15th in the first CX of the season,not only must be in peak physical form but should be allowed to post random numbers and letters like some kind of nut job.

jm you rock, like that there U2 group. Don't stop being awesome big fella!


KatieCake said...

Sorry Amy.... flickr link added. ;-)

trio said...

Than you :-)