Sunday, 25 September 2011

Round 3 in bullet points and free beer

  • Newnham Park, Plymouth
  • It was dark, there was floodlights, until they broke, then there was marshalls with torches.
  • It was raining
  • There were drunk hecklers by the hup hup boards
  • There were cowbells
  • There was a live band
  • There was FREE beer
  • The crowd were shouting "go Pinky"
  • Who needs CrossVegas, It's SWCX and it was fan-bloody-tastic

I'll find some results and photographs as and when.

1 comment:

KatieCake said...

It was awesome; the first race that I actually enjoyed watching for some time. The atmosphere was fantastic, despite the mizzley weather.

The pink jersey made you much easier to spot in the dark. "Go Mister Pink!"

Also loved watching the Kids race. They put some of the adults to shame. ;-)

Anyway a great race and a good result for both you and John.