Friday, 9 September 2011

Pretty in Pink

It finally happened, the EXCLUSIVE pink jerseys arrived and oh my, they look super fantastic.

Inspired by the Giro's winners jersey they were my own little idea, it was meant to be something a little different for the female VeloCakers.  However, you lads demanded them in the dozens. (In fact the numbers of male jerseys more than doubled the orders from the laydeeee's.)

Anyway, they finally arrived and they look better than I could have imagined them from my doodles on the drawing board.

If I'm honest when I took my first peek into the box on its arrival, I was horrified. They were so PINK! But as I opened the box fully to see them in all their glory I was mesmerized by their beauty.

So here they are....
modelled by mullerton
Depending on the speed of your postie yours may already be with you (In which case we want pictures) For those that also ordered some of the tradition black clothing as well, we are waiting that before dispatch (don't panic it should be with us at the beginning of next week.  If you can't wait feel free to send the extra P&P. )

For those that didn't order one.... You snooze, you lose. It was a one-off!!!


Gab344 said...

Wowzers! That IS pink! :)

Mullerton said...

i rock the danger panda.

al said...

You look fantastic Mike, and not in the least bit like a big girls blouse.