Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kinnel, read the previous blog posts you numpty !!!

A couple of things conspired against me today, my back was playing up again, the wind was horrific, it was getting darker at ten oclock in the morning !, and that damn rain wouldn't stop.

A failed attempt at a road ride did nothing to lighten my mood, it was dangerously windy so I turned home in less than a mile, my enthusiasm gone, a haircut later and I was about to settle in for an afternoon of photo processing and red wine, in fact the DS actually encouraged me to do this !

But, it was not to be, I was sulking and feeling miserable when an old friend popped up on Gmail chat and told me he is going to be a dad, this made me smile a lot, I've long thought that he'll make a grand dad (its RHS for those who know him) and the news lightened my mood instantly, he told me to get out a ride and so I did.

14 miles on local trails, finding old trails that I knew well, now sadly overgrown and disappearing, in fact old trails that the DS knows well as well, those happy days making the most of the flatlands of Cheshire with Mikey and some bloke called Dan :-)

Sometimes, all you need is one thing to change your outlook on the day, or maybe thats just me ?, local trails are still local trails and always worth riding.


KatieCake said...

Glad you found your mojo. Sounds like a nice ride.

PS The psychedelic furs reference was done 5 posts back. I'll let you off though as you were having fun in Barca at the time. ;)

Mullerton said...

i recognise those banks of the mersey, always something different- ish.

I'm not really gay said...

I just saw it Katie :-)